Nagano Line

  • Kii-Tanabe Sta.

  • Minato

  • Kaizo-ji-cho

  • Shimin Sogo Center

  • Akizu -guchi

  • Takao Nichome

  • Kinan Nokyo-mae

  • Shimo Maro

  • Naka Maro

  • Maro

  • Sanko-ji

  • Kinan Hospital

  • Kumano-bashi

  • Shimo Misu

  • Naka-no-Miya

  • Naka-no-Miya Mori

  • Gakko-mae

  • Naka Misu

  • Higashinomoto

  • Inoue

  • Kami Misu

  • Onohara-guchi

  • Nagao-guchi

  • Nagano

  • Mine

  • Nishihara

  • Shimoji

  • Fudono

This line connects Kii-Tanabe Station to Nagano and Fudono. It takes about 50 minutes from Kii-Tanabe Station to Fudono. Nagano and Fudono are mountainous areas that are known for their famous fireflies, the seasonal agricultural products unique to mountain villages are also very delicious.

Main Bus Stops
  • Fudono

    The Fudono area is where the new local specialty of "Yume no kikurage" was first made. The old-fashioned village still remains giving the place a nostalgic feel.

  • Nagano

    Although it is not far from the urban area of Tanabe, Nagano is rich in nature, and the village known for their Genjibotaru (fireflies). They also host a firefly appreciation gathering in late May.

  • Gakko-mae

    In addition to Misu Elementary School, there is a community center and a supermarket loved by locals nearby.

  • Kumano-bashi

    The ruins of Maro Oji stand inconspicuously 50 meters from Kumano Bridge, which is right next to this bus stop. Apparently there used to be a small forest at this location.

  • Sanko-ji

    Here you will find Sankoji Temple of the Shingon sect of the Omuro school. There are also supermarkets and cafés nearby.

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