Minabe Line

  • Kii-Tanabe Sta.

  • Minato

  • Kaizo-ji-cho

  • Ginza

  • Katamachi

  • Hashizume

  • Egawa-ohashi

  • Motomachi

  • Tenjin

  • Meiyo-mae

  • Nakahama

  • Ushinohana

  • Higashimatsubara

  • Haya Sta.

  • 松原

  • Ibara

  • Ooya

  • Sakai-guchi

  • Sakai

  • Ipponmatsu

  • Umegaoka

  • Roto Gakuen-mae

  • Haneta

  • Minabe Gako-mae

  • Minabe Sta.

This line connects JR Minabe Station to the front of the Ryujin Bus Main Office Depot via Tanabe City center, making stops at locations like Kinan Byoin and Kii-Tanabe Station. It takes about 50 minutes from the Ryujin Bus Main Office Depot to Minabe Station and the bus runs along the coast. Part of the limited express Kuroshio also stops at Minabe Station, which is the central station of Minabe Town.

Main Bus Stops
  • Minabe Sta.

    This is a JR West station on the Kisei Main Line and Kinokuni Line. Minabe is famous for ume plums, and the limited express stops here temporarily during the ume season in early spring.

  • Minabe Gako-mae

    Minabe Wakayama Prefectural High School, post office and supermarket are close-by. If you are willing to stretch your legs, Daiwa Royal Hotel Minabe and Komezu Park are also well within reach.

  • Haya Sta.

    This is a JR West station on the Kisei Main Line and Kinokuni Line. Nearby to the local community center, elementary school, nursery etc. There is also a nice atmosphere created by the old-fashioned shops.

  • Ushinohana

    Unusual holes in a rock here are the origin behind the place name Ushi-no-hana, which literally means "cow's nose". The scenery along the coast here is very beautiful, and it even featured in the illustrations of the famous "Kumano moude kikou".

  • Tenjin

    Tenjinzaki is an area of interest for natural trust movements that aim to preserve its abundant nature. The meeting of forest and sea in this rich ecosystem make it a very beautiful location indeed.

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