Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus

Operating April ~ November
Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus

The Koyasan & Kumano Access Line consists of two buses, one connecting Koyasan and Hongu Taisha (4 hours 30 minutes via Ryujin Onsen and Nakahechi) and the other connecting Kii-Tanabe Station and Koyasan (around 4 hours).

Main Bus Stops
  • Koyasan-Eki-mae

    Located at an altitude of 867m on the Nankai Cable Line, Koyasan Station is recognized as one of the top 100 stations of the Kinki Region.

  • Senjuin-bashi (Higashi)

    The beautiful Senjuin, a traditional temple dedicated to Koyasan's Shingon Sect of Buddhism, has a history of about 400 years. Every season, visitors can attend rituals involving sutra copying and tracing images of the Buddha.

  • Okunoin-mae

    Large cedar trees over 100 years old lead the way to the inner temple at Okunoin. In this solemn atmosphere, visitors can explore memorial monuments and the graves of several historical figures.

  • Gomadanzan

    Gomadanzan, the roof of the Kishu Region. Enjoy the beautiful untainted forests and Gomasan Skytower's delicious local delicacies.

  • Hongu Taisha-mae


Bus Stop Locations

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