City Line(Kii-Tanabe Sta. - Kinan Hosp.)


Kii-Tanabe Sta. Shopping Center / Kinan Hospitalvia Honsha Shako-mae

  • 紀伊田辺駅、ショッピングセンター、紀南病院、あけぼの方面時刻表

Kii-Tanabe Sta. Akebonovia Kinan Hospital

  • 紀伊田辺駅、あけぼの経由、紀南病院時刻表

Honsha Shako-mae Kinan Hospital/Shopping Center via Kii-Tanabe Sta.

  • 紀南病院、あけぼの方面、ショッピングセンター、紀伊田辺駅時刻表

Kinan Hospital Akebonovia Kii-Tanabe Sta.

  • 紀南病院、あけぼの経由、紀伊田辺駅時刻表
Main Bus Stops
  • Shopping Center

    Daiei Shopping Center, (groceries, snacks, alcohol, clothes, household items, discount goods) also nearby Lawson Tanabe Horaicho convenience store (various)

  • Asahigaoka Shinkokyoku-mae

    Access to public facilities such as the Tanabe Health Center, Nishimuro General Government Building, Nishimuro Promotion Bureau, Hello Work Tanabe and Tanabe Pension Office.

  • Tokei-jinja

    Closely connected to the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, a visit to Tokei-jinja can be counted as visiting the three grand shrines of Kumano.

  • Kii-Tanabe Sta.

    This stop is located in front of Kii-Tanabe Station which is on the Kisei Main Line (Kinokuni Line) and acts as a gateway to the southern region of the Kii-Peninsula.

  • Kinan Hospital

    Here you will find Kinan Hospital. It is the main hospital in the Kinan region located in Shinjo-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture. Kinan Hospital acts as a base for cancer diagnosis and disaster center hospital while also housing a regional Perinatal Medical Center.

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